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We are sorry to learn you may be experiencing an issue with your ProScale product. The first step is to fill in the form below and Proscale will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss repairing your scale at our nearest Repair Clinic.
Please note that if you are requested to return your scale, you must send your Proscale product with a copy of the warranty card and the purchase receipt to the nearest Repair Clinic below

ProScale Warranty Dept ProScale Canada ProScale Europe
3401 W Papago Street PO BOX 95036 Koepestrasse 17
Phoenix AZ 85009 Vancouver, BC V6P 6V4 41812 Erkelenz
USA Canada Germany

ProScale Warranty Dept
3401 W Papago Street
Phoenix AZ 85009

ProScale Canada
PO BOX 95036
Vancouver, BC V6P 6V4

ProScale Europe
Koepestrasse 17
41812 Erkelenz